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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cruise Ship Cruise Passengers to Port Douglas - Discounts

Cruise Port Douglas Daintree Info Responsive Website
The World First cruise ship passenger web guide is expanding now to include discounts:

Do you have anything to offer our cruise passengers to make their visit to Port Douglas Daintree the best in Australia?


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Birdwatching Time in Port Douglas Daintree

Murphy Street Port Douglas

Despite the multi-million dollar holiday homes lining it's entire length Murphy Street in Port Douglas is one of the messiest streets in the shire. Always rubbish bins out, extensively potholed, no footpath, large real estate signs and holiday to-let signs litter the streetscape. But strangely it makes for a good walk with it's lovely tropical views and it's wildlife.

This morning I heard two sought after species, Lovely Fairy-wrens and Double-eyed Fig-Parrots along the eastern stretch. Sometimes there is a camp of Spectacled Flying-foxes set up on the high side although today they were found along Mudlo Street (opp #20) on the flat portion of town.

Murphy Street forms part of the Coastcare Walk around Port Douglas. 

Do the walk on your phone.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cruise Port Douglas - Passenger Web Guide

New Web Guide for Port Douglas

Here is a lightning fast loading web guide for passengers and crew from Cruise Ships visiting Port Douglas.

Anybody from Port Doglas Daintree involved in enhancing the visitor experience for cruise ships should look at this and maybe add to it by contacting me.

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The web Guide is responsive to screen size and fits any computer from a mobile to a large screen iMac and comes with a screen icon for mobiles and tablets.

Visit the web guide at: