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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Local Walks

Port Douglas Blog. There are two free local walks around Port Douglas and the maps and details have been put on a mobile web app To get a screen button just "add to home screen" if using an iPhone or bookmark first if you are using an andriod device.

The coastal walk has 15 points of interest, see the app, but only 14 signs. It is 4.4kms long and takes in some fantastic views whilst traversing tree lined avenues, sand dunes, architectural masterpieces, boutique shops, marinas, mangroves and historical landmarks.

The historic walk has 17 photosigns but 19 points of interest, see app for latest map. There used to be a brochure for this walk but they are hard to find. The brochure is out of date and misses two important features being St Marys by the Sea and the Clink Theatre in Mowbray Street.