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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Keys to Port Douglas

A revitalise Port Douglas Project has been put forward to unite the community.

Give our visitors the keys to the city. Give them something that they can use whilst they are here and take with them when they go. 99.99% of visitors have a mobile device of some kind and we can put a visitors guide on it. A mock up is at
How do I remember where it is? It is easy, qwe are the first 3 letters on a keyboard, we already remember, and 4877 is Port's post code.

See the screen button? Once you are at the keys "add it to the home screen" for iPhone/iPad or bookmark first for Android and "save shortcut to home".

What can locals do? Show the visitors they will do the rest.


  1. Great idea Chris. A mobile information centre packed with up to the minute locally produced news and information. If built, maintained and marketed correctly this could be a huge success in the years ahead.

    1. We think so, it needs support from people in the industry and we seem to be getting it. Once it is set up the updating shouldn't be more than a few minutes a day provided we can stay ahead with the information. There is now a "Keys to Port Douglas" Facebook page which is showing some promise with 22 likes. I can't get CoC or PDTT interested which is a great pity.

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