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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Book - Best 100 birdwatching sites in Australia

Dawn river tours on the Daintree rate #24 out of a new book: 100 best birdwatching sites in Australia. 
When the dawn trips were pioneered in 1992 they were considered a novel approach.



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  4. Hi Carl, I’ve just had a look at this book at work, and it is, as Sue says in the introduction, a purely subjective look at “fun” places to go birding. Light on specific details of where to go and what is there, although that’s not the intention of the book. I did raise my eyebrows that The Rock NR is included in the Best 100 sites in Australia – sure, I drop in every time I’m in the area, but personally I wouldn’t include it as a top 100 sites for Australia – perhaps NSW, but that’s just my opinion. (As an aside, I find the birding in nearby Berry Jerry SF better than The Rock). It’s a nice read rather than a gritty “go here, turn left and look up the big tree on the right to see X” read. In that regard, whereas I would use people I know who’ve visited an area, Thomas et al, birding-aus, and eremaea when visiting somewhere new, I don’t know that I’d really miss anything by not consulting this title. To be clear, however, that isn’t the purpose of this book – it’s a journey through sites Sue has had fun birding, with personal anecdotes about some of the locations and experiences she’s had. I’ve visited many of these sites myself, as will have many readers, and I agree that they’re good, fun places to go birding.
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  5. Almost forgot. Does anyone know if there are any clubs for bird watching I plan to visit Australia this April. Thanks
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